Global Climatic Change

Global Climatic Change, The Environmental Crisis, The Energy Crisis, Energy Costs, Availability and Energy Supplies, are precariously critical worldwide.

Why do I need to be concerned about global energy problems?
The use and cost of energy affects each of every day of our lives: greenhouse gas, emissions, acid rain, local and global climatic change, dependency upon depleting supplies of fossil fuels especially from unstable regions of the world. Today 80% of world electrical production comes from fossil fuels, nuclear fuels and virtually all transportation is fueled by liquid petrol ( gasoline ).
The World Energy Council predicts energy demand will triple by 2050 as population grows between 8 and 9 billion and developing nations elevate living standards. The fossil fuels are nonrenewable and are destined to run out- so economics will be forced to change as these fuels are depleted. Rich nations will be insulated a bit longer than others, yet scarcity will surely create geopolitical tensions worldwide. The emissions from the burning fossil fuels, nuclear fuels, creates atmospheric, water and land pollution, as well as toxic waste.
The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on climate change (IPCC) says this combination is causing discernable change of the global weather and climatic patterns that will affect all humanity in decades to come.

"Consider the fact there is enough potentiel energy in one hour of sunlight to power the electrical needs on the entire planet for one full year"