Passive Solar Design utilizes state-of-the-art passive solar design engineering with innovative technology creating energy diversity strengthening America's energy grid while conserving our natural resources.

1980 Passive Solar Design, The Passive Solar Energy Book by Ed Mazria, Appalachian State University Solar Design/ Prof. Ed Mackey
1980 5th National Passive Solar, Hitch-hiked Rdtp ASU Boone NC to U Mass.
1988 Carolina Solar Thermal Sales Rep
1996 7921 Purchased from Fred and Connie Clanton
1998 7919 Purchased from Shariff/ First Union
2001 Washington DC ASES National Forum
2001 Duke Solar / Certified Authorized Dealer
2001 Duke Solar / Solar Thermal CPC2000's Hot Water Installed @ 7921
2003 SolarGenixEnergy / Certified Authorized Dealer
2004 - Solar Energy Mid-Rise Designs
2008 Fitzpatrick Engineering of Designs
2008 San Diego ASES Catch The Clean Energy Wave
2008 File CLT NC 1st Solar Energy Mid Rise Rezoning
2009 City of CLT Mayor Council 12-0 No Votes
2011 CLT No Vote Penalty - CLT Gov. 2-yr Rezoning Prohibition Expires
2014 - Solar Energy High Rise Skyscraper Designs