Technical Data

Technical Data for Solar Collector

The SolarGenixEnergy, formerly Duke Solar, Winston Series CPC2000 is a patented Compound Parabolic Collector utilizing non-imaging optics to focus sunlight onto a high efficiency absorber tube. The CPC2000 is a flat plate non evacuated single glazed collector. The dimensions of each collector is 82.44"x41.77"x3.31". The enclosure box frame wall is an aluminum extrusion ( alloy 6063 T6 ) with a powder coat finish. Mounting hardware clip to the collector frame wall without the aid of any frame wall penetrations, and certified to a wind loading of more than 180mph ( 94psf ). Collectors are warranted for 10 years.

The SolPac Heat Exchange Module is a product combining all the components necessary to convert existing electric or gas water heaters into low cost solar water heating systems in freeze environments. Compact, freeze proof, simple and a complete reliable solar water heating system.

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